Lose weight, no matter how thin, try these 10 ways

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lose weight. If you change your eating habits Including the relationship with food, lose weight will be more effective. Here are 10 life-changing tips. And the shape of your hand from the back of your hand.

1. Do not starve

Let’s eat the food that you like. Just shift the amount to be appropriate. Because if we force ourselves too much In the end, when you are hungry, you can continue to find something to eat. Which it might be more than the first time you wanted.

2. Plan

When hungry you look anywhere, you will only see delicious food. Therefore, you should not order food when you are very hungry. If you know you’re going to a steak house, enjoy eating meat. The rest of the meal will be whole grains and fresh vegetables.

3. Stop counting calories

Instead of counting calories Turn your attention to where these foods come from and whether they are useful or not. A nutritious and nutritious diet will help alleviate hunger. It stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces cravings, and helps the brain signal to your stomach that you are full.

4. Stop the monotony

Create some new colors and flavors, so don’t be afraid of garlic or olive oil. Or change the style of cooking, for example, what are grilled vegetables?

5. Prepare and take away

Wash the vegetables thoroughly and cut them properly as soon as they come back from the market. It is then stored in a visible glass container. If the food is ready, it means that you are ready to eat it. But if not ready, you will probably go find more convenient food to eat, right?

6. Eat like a king

Many people say breakfast is the most important, but sometimes you are not hungry. In fact, lunch is probably the most important because your digestive system is fully prepared and you can eat it properly.

7.Throw away the guilt

If you are afraid of obesity Fear that weight gain Your eating pleasure is over! If you are going to eat, then eat happily. Just choose to eat the food that is appropriate.

8. Eat colorful foods

Eating food of all colors will provide the body with its phytochemicals to fight ailments. It will also make you fill your stomach and overcome your cravings for useless food.

9. Know where to store snacks

You should keep some healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and yogurt in the refrigerator or on your desk. Keeping these foods close at hand will help you avoid unhealthy desserts or snacks.

10. Follow the 80/20 rule

Human eating habits don’t have to be perfect. This rule is that 80% of healthy food is eaten and 20% is allowed to indulge a little bit of indulgence. You can follow this rule every day or only on weekends. More importantly, try to hear what your body wants to tell you. These will help prevent you from overeating.