HIIT Exercise Workout Formula, Lose Fat In 30 Minutes

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HIIT, one of the new fitness trends In addition to being popular with young people who love health. There is still a lot of research on how effective exercise this way is good for health. And stimulate the physical performance of people of all sexes and ages In which the elderly can exercise like this as well. What are the benefits of HIIT and how does a HIIT exercise work properly? You can learn from the following information.

How does a HIIT workout work?

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a vigorous exercise for short intervals alternating with light exercise lasting 10-30 minutes, with research showing that HIIT may be a form of exercise. High efficiency

While HIIT exercises are short-lived, they can be twice as good for your health than moderate exercise, and HIIT exercises are quite varied. They may choose to run fast, ride a bike, jump rope, or bodyweight in different ways.

If you choose to do HIIT exercise with stationary cycling May begin to spin as full as possible and as fast as possible for 30 seconds, then slowly slow down the speed and continue spinning for 2-4 minutes with alternating speed spinning for a total of 15 to 30 minutes , the duration of the exercise. HIIT exercise will vary depending on the activity selected and the intensity of your exercise.

Benefits of HIIT exercise

In addition to doing HIIT exercise, it burns calories in a short time. There are also many health benefits as follows.

HIIT may help you lose weight

One study found that HIIT exercise can help reduce body fat levels and reduce waist circumference. While another study found that People who do HIIT workouts for 20 minutes 3 times a week. Without changing the type of food eaten There may be a 2 kg reduction in body fat in 12 weeks. The reduced amount of fat may be 17% of visceral fat. Therefore, it may be effective in reducing obesity for people with Overweight and obese patients have.

HIIT may help burn calories

HIIT exercise may help your body burn energy quickly. One study looked at the 30-minute energy metabolism of HIIT with 20 seconds of vigorous exercise interspersed with 40 seconds of light exercise compared to weight training, running and exercise. Cycling Research shows that HIIT can burn 25 to 30 percent more calories than other forms of exercise. It can help burn large calories in a very short time.

HIIT may help build muscle

In addition to helping to lose weight and reduce body fat. It may also help increase muscle mass. This is especially true for those muscles that are used frequently, such as the muscles of the trunk and legs, etc. However, the increased amount of muscle mass is more likely to occur in those who do not exercise and are new to HIIT and those who exercise and weight training. There is only a slight increase in muscle mass after exercising this way.

HIIT may help stimulate metabolism Early  

research suggests that HIIT exercise stimulates the body’s metabolism, or energy metabolism, after exercise more than running and weight training. It also found that HIIT workout may enhance the metabolism of body fat, more addition, the study also points out that another piece. A HIIT workout with just 2 minutes of sprinting increases the metabolism in 24 hours just as much as running for 30 minutes.

HIIT may stimulate oxygen consumption

One study found that four 20-minute HIIT exercises per week for five consecutive weeks stimulated the muscles to use up to 9 percent more oxygen, the same amount as those of the experimental group. Biking continuously for 40 minutes 4 times a week. The results showed that It stimulates the muscles to use more oxygen. Which is equivalent to exercising for endurance training By less than half the time  

HIIT may help lower your heart rate and lower blood pressure levels 

Several studies have shown that HIIT exercise lowers heart rate and lowers blood pressure in overweight and obese patients with hypertension. Another study found that those who cycled for 20 minutes three times a week For 8 weeks in a row and who exercised for 30 minutes 4 times a week There was a similar drop in blood pressure. However, HIIT exercise may not affect the change in blood pressure in the average person with a normal body weight.   

HIIT may help reduce levels of blood sugar 

In addition, research has found that HIIT exercise can help lower blood sugar levels. Exercising in this way can also reduce insulin resistance better than continued exercise. It may benefit healthy people and people at risk of type 2 diabetes.

HIIT may help slow down cellular degeneration 

One study looked at the effectiveness of HIIT exercise on people over 65 years of age and found that the cellular processes in the subjects returned to work more. It may be assumed that this exercise may also slow down aging and aging in the elderly.

However, some of the research is only a small experiment. Therefore, the effectiveness of HIIT workouts cannot be conclusive. May need further research in this area To further confirm the effectiveness of HIIT exercise in the health benefits. Those interested in exercising in this way should always study the information carefully first.

Do HIIT workouts safely

Before starting a HIIT workout should always warm up before a period of 5 minutes followed by vigorous exercise and light switch and so on for 10-30 minutes then cool down (Cool Down) or gradually relaxed. Go down for about 5 minutes of gentle exercise to relax the muscles. And adjust the physical condition Heart rate Including blood pressure levels to normal

If you have health problems Can you do HIIT exercise?

Although HIIT exercise may help prevent and control symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. High cholesterol and heart disease, etc., but exercise this way can make the heart work harder, so people with heart problems or other health problems, as well as those with any questions about HIIT, should consult. Doctors before starting to exercise in this way will have a negative effect on health by people with joint and muscle problems such as arthritis. It may not be possible to exercise this way, so consult your doctor for advice on exercise suitable for your health limitations.

The woman is pregnant , the exercise is HIIT before pregnancy and there is no problem there. Exercising this way may be safe in the first trimester, however, see your doctor for pre-workout advice. And always under expert supervision Which while exercising Should drink the right amount of water. And not exercising in too hot weather