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Monthly Archives: June 2021

10 Simple Exercises for menstruation

10 Simple Exercises for menstruation

Anyone who wants to exercises for menstruation But I don’t know which design to be good. Today we have 10 exercises on the red boiling days that are simple and light to recommend, which many people may be wondering during the Can it be a menstruation ? The answer is “yes”,

5 weight loss drinks, reduce fat, burn calories

5 weight loss drinks, reduce fat, burn calories

Who is in the process of losing weight whether it is exercise Eat clean food Today we will recommend another helper, that is “ weight loss drink ” sure enough! It’s called drinking regularly along with exercise and healthy eating. It can help increase the efficiency of losing weight better. Especially these 5

How to lose weight with "hula hoop"

How to lose weight with “hula hoop”

Does Hula Hooping Really Help You Lose Weight? Who doubts that today we have a  way to lose weight with hula hoop at a table playing hula hoop lose weight to get well, I must say this many. More and more people are exercising by playing hula hoops. The hula hoop is

5 Ways to cure "Vaginal discharge" yourself

5 Ways to cure “Vaginal discharge” yourself

Vaginal discharge, health issues in the hidden area It’s about girls Must pay attention and pay special attention to it. Because even if there is a small malfunction, it may eventually result in a big and widespread problem. Until finally, it will affect our health.  Usually inside our vagina It