Techniques for getting up early for a run, feel refreshed

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One would say that more difficult than going for a run is waking up early. Especially people who work regularly Getting a little more time to sleep Considered life gains If you have to wake up earlier, afraid that you will be tired during the day Not working well But in fact, there are techniques that help Get up early and go for a run Has no fuss Let’s try to apply it together.

Go to bed faster

When you know you need to wake up early Set aside time to run It is important to adjust the time to sleep. Will not be able to persecute the same resting time Because if not enough sleep The body will not work efficiently. Difficulty losing weight Try adjusting the time to suit your own working time, for example.

22.00 hrs. Go to bed
06.00 am. Wake up
07.00 hrs. Finish running, come back to shower, get dressed,
08.00 hrs. Leave the house to work.

Don’t just eat breakfast before you run.

Water or black coffee without sugar It’s a good choice of appetizers before you go out for a run. Because if eating a full breakfast You will not be able to run, stomach tightness, ufabet online, harmful to the body. But if you eat it after exercising, your body’s metabolism will draw on fat.

Gradually climb

In the morning the weather is nice and cool It is recommended to warm up before running. And if so good Take a walk to catch the wind and admire the surroundings for 5-10 minutes to allow the body to adjust gradually before moving to run slowly. And running at normal speed

Doing it regularly.

Do not be in a hurry, do not pressure yourself. Don’t have to compete with anyone Aim to win your own heart is enough. You don’t need to wake up and run every day. But after the schedule has been arranged If you want to lose weight, you should run an average of 3-5 days a week and control your food intake in each meal, reduce fried foods, desserts, sweetened beverages, processed foods, and spicy foods.