5 techniques to start a clean diet to be effective

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What is clean diet / clean food ? it is fresh and clean diet. Use raw materials that remain the same from nature. Not through synthetic additives Not processed with various chemicals Not through the fermentation process, not too much seasoning, whether it’s very sweet, salty, oily, or if you want to flavor it, it’s minimal. Known as the least processed food, sure enough.

Most of the time, many people tend to understand that eating clean means eating only fruits and vegetables. We will have to eat all 5 groups in the right proportions. Not just focusing on vegetables and fruits. We will have to choose food for each group that will be eaten fresh and processed or prepared as little as possible.

     Therefore, clean food can be considered a nutritious food type that has it all. When eaten, it has a positive effect on health. And it’s good for people who want to lose fat, lose weight because it doesn’t make you fat. But it must be done in conjunction with exercise as well. So it will have good results.

1. Gradual

     It can be difficult to cut off your favorite foods completely. So we have to do it gradually, gradually reducing the food we like little by little. and started eating more clean food but not to the extreme Avoid the food you like. and turn to a 100% clean diet. Sudden changes in eating behavior like this may have a negative effect on the body. Makes you have less energy, easily hungry, and also makes you irritable as well.

2. Add clean food in each meal

     in each of our meals Although there are still some useless things mixed in. Because in the beginning, we may still not cut it. But if you want to get used to eating clean food recommended gradually Add about clean food in each meal and so on, especially foods such as vegetables and fruits. When we consume this way for a while Our bodies will get used to clean food. And can eat more without feeling bored.

3. Reduce unhealthy food intake

     When we get used to clean food We should gradually I started to cut down on unhealthy food. because even though we eat more clean food But the body is still getting useless food. This may not be able to fully improve your health. The food that we should reduce first is fermented, pickled, and semi-finished food. Then turn to eat fresh food instead. As for beverages, tea, coffee and soft drinks should be reduced. Then turn to drink more clean water.

4. Change the taste of food

     Many people, even though they say that they eat clean food such as vegetable salads, but put too intense seasonings. This is not called clean eating. Because seasoning is another factor that can adversely affect health, so gradually reduce the amount of seasoning. Do not eat too much spicy, sweet, oily, salty food when practicing often. Our bodies will get used to it. Then you will be able to change the taste of the food you like. 

5. Read labels before buying food

     This step should not be overlooked. Because we cannot know whether the food we are eating is really clean or not. How healthy is it? If we do not read the label Therefore, we should start and make it a habit to read labels every time before buying food. It will help us get clean and safe food with confidence. It is recommended to choose foods with the fewest ingredients. through the least process Including the need to avoid foods that are flavored, color, flavor, and foods that contain a lot of sodium as well.