“Kaempferia” can prevent Covid-19 or not?

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Kaempferia contains some substances that are researched that can help prevent covid- 19. But doctors recommend eating in the form of extracts as pills, capsules, rather than buying white galingale. Because in the pill, the amount of substance. That prevents COVID-19 can be determine more accurately.

Why is Kaempferia being claimed to be able to prevent COVID- 19?

During June 2020, Prof. Dr. Piyamit Srithara, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states. That the research team is a collaboration of the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University and the Center of Excellence in Life Sciences. (Public Organization) or TCELS found that there are 2 substances in Kaempferia that are highly effective against COVID – 19.

Thai research team found that extract from “Kaempferia” has anti-Covid-19 effect

By Dr. Suparerk Bowonpinyo, Lecturer of the Faculty of Science Mahidol University And the director of the Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery said. That the research team discovered that there is an extract from Kaempferia. That can inhibit the growth of the corona virus 2019 or Covid-19 by up to 100% by both important substances. The address in Kaempferia is

These two substances in Kaempferia Can act to inhibit the growth of the virus that causes Covid-19. Both of these substances can reduce the number of infected cells from 100% to 0%. 100% as well

How to eat Kaempferia To help prevent covid-19?

At present (July 64) if using white galingale extract to fight COVID-19. It should still be in the form of an extract first. To control the amount of important substances. That will definitely work can control the amount of eating appropriately where we do not have to eat too much.

However, at this time, Mahidol University and the Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization). Or TCELS is still in the process of collecting data. No drugs have been produce yet. To all market If other capsules are found Claims to have extracts from Kaempferia. That help prevent Covid-19 Confirm. That it is not a product of the university. And the university has no comment on the product.

so at present No drugs or supplements have been approve to protect against COVID-19. And people are encourage to wash their hands frequently, stay away from other people. They wear masks every time they leave the house, exercise regularly and rest. enough. It’s the best way to protect against COVID-19.