3 precautions when using the KF94 mask

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The KF94 mask is a mask that was first produced and use in Korea to prevent yellow dust from pollen during spring. Or very small dust, such as pm2.5. With a performance test that blocks small foreign objects as well as N95 masks. But is easier to wear and not uncomfortable. 

And with the shape of the KF94 mask, it is large and convex in 3 dimensions, making it easy to breathe. Ready to cover the holes on the face while using it better than general hygienic masks. This makes this mask from Korea very popular in Thailand now. but with good features Yes, this is that we are safe from virus Cody David -19 100% to ensure no repeat 3 iNNLifestyle prohibition if it were masked KF94.

Don’t forget to see if it’s genuine or not

KF94 masks are popular now. So it may be an opportunity for other manufacturers to secretly produce similar products but not yet certified. How to observe, you can check from the envelope if there is Korean language and the word KF94 or not. If you want to be sure, you can check the product name if it’s genuine or not. Including when it’s been opened. The appearance of the mask must be thick and not limp. And should not have a pungent chemical smell according to Korean production standards.

Don’t forget to fold it horizontally

The KF94 mask is larger than a conventional mask. After being taken out of the package, the mask was originally folded neatly longitudinally with the excess folded inward into a rectangle. But when we use it, if we take a break to eat or go to the bathroom during the day, fold it horizontally instead of the traditional crease. To prevent germs contaminating the outer mask from touching the inside.

Don’t forget to use it and throw it away

Being an imported mask, KF94 is more expensive than other masks in the market. But don’t be sad because this mask is designed to be a disposable product only. Let’s try to change the idea that if we save a few baht now, we may have to pay a lot more for treatment later. therefore don’t fall card