“Aerobic exercise”, to exercise for health

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Aerobic Exercise is exercise that is not very intense. But continuity such as walking, jogging or running long distances, swimming, pedaling, biking, rope skipping, aerobic dancing, etc. Aerobic exercise is therefore a way to exercise for health. This type of exercise uses both starch and fat as energy. Therefore should be done regularly.

Anaerobic Exercise is breath-holding exercise such as jogging, weightlifting, tennis, etc. Therefore, it is not an exercise or sport. It is always good for the heart and blood vessels.

How long should we exercise?

Generally there should be at least 20 minutes of continuity. Exercise for health doesn’t have to be done more. But please do it regularly.  

How often should we exercise?

Should at least exercise three  times a week is enough. Depending on the satisfaction as well But should not overdo it. It is now accepted in the medical community that Exercise. It can be accumulate, for example, if a continuous 10-minute workout, for example, walking 3 times a day will benefit the same as taking one 30-minute workout. 

How hard should we exercise?

In each exercise   If it will benefit To the circulatory syste. It has to be exercised to keep the heart beating between  60-80%  of the ability that the person’s heart can beat.

Calculation formula  The maximum capacity of the heart beats is  220 –  age in years, for example the age of 50 years, it will be up to the heart to beat is  220-50 = 170  times / minute, so  60-80% of 170 is equal to the pulse. 102 -136  times / minute,   which is suitable for people aged  50  years with healthy exercise.