8 kinds of tea drink, conquer beautiful

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Did you know Tea drink Some can help burn calories as well. It is also an interesting aid for women. Who want to reduce fat safely as well Let’s see how each tea drink has properties to help burn calories.

1. Green Tea

Tea has properties that help stimulate the work of the metabolic system. Especially carbohydrate metabolism It also increases the oxidation of fat during exercise. However, drinking green tea to burn fat to be effective. Drink at least 2-5 cups a day.

2. White Tea

Tea stimulates the metabolism and promotes liver function. Which when the body gets fat The liver and metabolic system will manage fat more quickly. In addition, white tea inhibits the absorption of fat and helps to get rid of excess fat. It also helps control gastric juice to be normal as well.

3. Red tea

Tea, or rooibos tea contain one ingredient that helps prevent oxidative stress. And also contains polyphenols and flavonoids, which help inhibit free radicals. Help prevent adipose from adhering to tissue cells And stimulates the work of the metabolic system to be more efficient

4. Black Tea

Tea helps regulate the hormone cortisol levels in a balanced manner. This will result in the body to reduce the craving for sweets as well. Considered to help reduce weight in the body.

5. Rose Tea

Tea has anti-bacterial properties. Helps to get rid of toxins in the body, reduce obesity and help burn fat as well. Rose tea is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E.

6. Oolong

Tea Oolong tea has properties that help stimulate the metabolism up to 10-20%, which is likely that drinking oolong tea for 6 weeks in a row will help you lose more than 1 kg of weight. Oolong tea can also help lower cholesterol and fat more effectively.

7. Anise

Tea Anise tea has properties to help digestion. Reduce colic, distension Help adjust the bowel function And reduce the occurrence of various problems in the abdomen, causing the digestive system and intestines to function smoothly Resulting in faster metabolism

8. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea speeds up digestion. Helps reduce appetite Helps the body to feel more energetic And help burn calories as well It is a very popular option to help you lose weight

It can be seen that burning fat or losing weight. This can be done by drinking different types of tea. On a daily basis Because tea is a drink with good nutrients that can be fully dispersed. And positively affects the metabolism within the body as well