The 5 Best “home workout”, “No Equipment Nerd Fitness”

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Home workout, for girls who love exercise as their souls Where are you going to travel? Never lack of exercise But sometimes the situation does not facilitate the carrying of sports equipment. And in some places it does not have a fitness to be used. Today we bring you the 5 Best home workout, no equipment nerd fitness, but equally good health. It is also easy to do. It does not require a lot of space and ufabet online. What will be there? Go follow and read.

1. Running for 10-30 minutes

How to exercise by stationary running. In addition to not having to use a lot of space and does not require the use of sports equipment. Can also be easily done by introducing them to women Running for about 10-30 minutes will help you burn calories quite high. However, it is important to focus on running shoes. To prevent an accident on the ankle

2. 20 pushups 2 sets

A part of the push-up exercise It contributes to strengthening the muscles in the chest, shoulders, upper arms and forearms, which is recommended to do 20 pushups divided into 2 sets, between each set should rest for about 30 seconds to help push-ups do not make the body too tired. And for girls Who is unable to do regular push ups? Recommend to use the knees down instead of the toes. It will help make pushups even easier.

3. Jump and sit, bend the knees 15 times, 2 sets

For exercise by jumping and sitting with the knees bent. Let the girls start by standing straight and squatting knees. Then come back to the squat position again. Do this about 15 times, complete 2 sets, this form of exercise will help build muscle strength almost all parts of the body. And also to enhance the function of the circulatory system It also helps burn fat as well.

4. Lying down, lifting legs 20 times, 2 sets

Of exercise by lying down, lifting legs. Start by lying on the floor. And then slowly lift the leg Both legs should be straightened, perpendicular to the floor, do about 20 times, complete 2 sets. It also helps to reduce cellulite on the thighs effectively.

5. Sit up and stretch 20 times, 1 set

For exercise without the use of equipment in the last posture that we take today is Sitting up and stretching Starting from standing upright Continue by crouching down in a squat position With both hands on the ground Followed by stretching the legs back to look like a push-up. Then come back to the same position, complete 20 times, this method can help reduce fat effectively.

Eaaepenwea girls Anyone who feels like exercising but doesn’t have sports equipment? Try to apply these exercise methods to try it out. It is easy to do. It is also very good for your health.