5 Nutrients to supplement the immune system from viruses

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I can’t deny that Today, people live more carefully. Protect yourself by all means In order to escape the COVID- 19  season 3 that happens right now. Many people have turned to take care of themselves by exercising to protect their inner health. And more immunity And there are also many people focus on eating a good diet with benefits, including main food, dietary supplements, avoid food that are harmful to the body, we recommend 5 nutrients that will help strengthen the immune To the body Help to build a shield to prevent the evil virus. Can come to destroy us

5 nutrients that are going to be talked about right now. You can choose to buy raw materials easily in the market as follows.

  1. Vitamin C : a nutrients familiar to us And know that the benefits of vitamin C are enormous if the body receives adequate amounts of 25-100 grams or 400 grams per day, depending on the age. Which sources of vitamin C in foods can be easily found. Most of vegetables and fruits such as guava, strawberries, papaya, black guests, Monthong durian. Sweet peppers, kale, broccoli, etc.
  2. Vitamin A : A nutrient that plays an important role in helping strengthen the immune system. The food sources of vitamin A that are highly absorbable and useful are animal organs, milk, egg yolks. And yellow fruits like gourd, morning glory, pumpkin, ripe papaya, well-done.
  3. Protein : This nutrient may be favor by those that focus on carbs. Or people eating keto Which protein, many people may not know, that good quality protein contains essential amino acids that are complete for the body. Helps build immune cells and immune substances. Which protein food sources are not necessarily obtain from meat, eggs, milk, but plant proteins. Such as nuts and seeds. It is a good source of protein as well.
  4. Zinc : This nutrient. Many people may not be familiar. But do not know whether the food source of zinc It is found in meats, offal, oysters, poultry and fish. It is involve in the growth and division of cells involved in the immune system. As well as regulating the activity of enzymes which are the main mechanisms in the body’s immune system. Called to have good, not allergic to protein and vitamin C and A. Ever
  5. Healthy Microbes (Probiotics) and Foods for Healthy Microbes (Prebiotics) : This period of 1-2 years has become popular in the community of health lovers. Because it helps to promote the immune system within the body Most of the food for healthy microorganisms are found in high-fiber food sources such as grains, oats, onions, etc. If you say these foods will smell quite strong. And may have to waste time in cooking.