6 exercises to strengthen the “lungs” strong

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Dr. Suwanchai, M.D. Wattana Yingcharoenchai The director-general of the Department of Health said the situation of the COVID- 19 outbreak was more severe than the previous one, resulting in a greater number of daily deaths. including asthma, lung diseases, chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes disease pressure, hypertension , heart disease, obesity continues to be a priority risk groups. That requires close monitoring Due to this group, the lungs are less functional. From both a decrease in the strength of the rib muscles and diaphragm Including working-age groups, although they are physically stronger than the aforementioned risk groups, but health care and various factors It is necessary.

Therefore, lung management is essential to help alleviate the severity. And it also helps in the rehabilitation of the patient’s lung function. Which everyone can do by themselves at home

Principles for enhancing lung function can be done by training the expansion of the lungs. In addition, research from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center National Research Institute, USA, found that  people with COVID – 19 regularly have adequate physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. The risk of hospitalization was 2.26 times lower and the risk of dying from COVID- 19 was 2.49 times lower than those with insufficient physical activity. Even if physical activity does not reach the recommended level, it is persistent. The risk of being hospitalized and mortality was significantly lower than those without physical activity at all.

For ways to strengthen the lungs, you can do 6 exercises as follows

Position 1: Puffy belly, sit up straight, place both hands on the abdomen. Inhale, stomach bloated but not enlarged, exhale, flat stomach. 

Position 2: Standing still, sitting up straight, placing your left hand on your chest. The right hand is placed under the epigastric area. Inhale, stomach bloated but not enlarged, exhale, flat stomach. 

Position 3 Move the ribs, sit upright, hands on both sides. Position the rib cage on the sides. Inhale through the nose so the ribs open. Exhale slowly through the mouth so that the ribs are closed.

Position 4: raise your hands, stretch your chest, breathe through your nose and lift it. Both arms up in front And exhale through the mouth for a long time Ready to relax your arms 

Position 5: spread wings, expand lungs, arms up together in front Breathing through the nose While spreading his arms out to both sides And exhale through the mouth for a long time Return to the original position 

Position 6: Extend the shoulder blades, move the elbows, both hands coordinate the occiput and inhale through the nose. With elbows spread out And exhale through the mouth for a long time With the elbows folded and the back arched

For inhalation And each exercise takes about 5 seconds at a time, do 10 repetitions for 3-5 rounds, resting 30-60 seconds between rounds, which all 6 moves will improve your breathing ability more efficiently. Reduce tired symptoms, difficulty breathing, help expel phlegm and prevent the occurrence of flattening of the lungs.