Give away 7 programs to run, burn fat

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Today, let’s share a running program that will help burn fat more efficiently. Which is consider an ideal running program for women There is a serious need to lose weight that has it all. This running program is divide into 7 programs. Let’s see how each program has to do. If you are ready, let’s go see it.

Running program # 1

Starts with a quick 30-minute run, switching to the upper body muscles. You can use the method of bodyweight training or swing a bar for about 20 minutes, then run at a continuous speed for another 30 minutes.

The second running program burn fat

Begins with a warm-up. By running slowly for about 3 minutes to prepare the muscles. Continue with sprinting at maximum speed for about 30 seconds, then rest for about 1 minute. Repeat this for 8 sets. Once complete, continue with sprinting for 1 minute, resting for 1 minute, completing 5 sets.

The 3rd runner

Program is suitable for those who like or use passive running. With consistent speed It is a program running weight loss that takes up to 45 minutes, which in every week running it. It is recommend to move the time up to about 5 minutes, as 30-45 minutes of continuous cardio will double the fat burning after exercise. Therefore, if you can increase your body’s cardio time for up to 60-90 minutes, it will burn five times as much fa

The 4th running program

Starts with a 6-minute warm-up followed by 20 seconds of sprints and 10 seconds of jogging, completing 10 sets, followed by a 1-minute walk followed by a sprint and jogging. The same 3 sets, then finish with a 4-minute cooldown.

The 5th runner

Starts with the slowest sprint. Then increase the speed every 2 minutes when running to speed level 7-10, which is when the body feels exhaust, slowly lower the speed in every 2 minutes until reaching the slowest speed, completing 3 sets by in Rest for 2 minutes between each set.

The 6th sprint program

Starts with sprinting at 8 speeds for 400 meters, then alternates with jogging for 2 minutes, completing 6 sets, then sprints at speed 8 at 200 meters and then switches by jogging. 2 minutes complete 8 sets, followed by sprinting at an 8 speed distance of 800 meters and alternating with 4 minutes of jogging, completing 2 sets, which jogging is considered to be the rest of the body after running.

Run Program No. 7

This program is suitable for people who do not have time to exercise. Since it takes only 20 minutes to run, starting with a 6 minute warm-up and then slowly sprinting about 400 meters, starting with the first minute only. And then return to run flat at the same speed Complete 3 sets of this run and finish with a 4-minute cooldown.

Running for weight loss may take 2-4 times a week, doing it in a row to see results. This is to keep the heartbeat at the level of burning fat in the body continuously. More importantly. It helps to strengthen the muscles and prevent the body from being injured as well.