5 great benefits that come from “drinking enough water”

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Whenever we drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. Would be useful these followed

Assoc. Prof. (Special) Dr. Phisut Kotawetin, nephrology unit Department of Internal Medicine Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society states that water is an important component of the body. Which the body has about 50-60% water. Drinking water in moderation 1-2 liters per day will help to enhance good health.

5 great benefits that come from “drinking enough water”

  1. Glowing skin, not dry
  2. The body is refreshed, not tired.
  3. The circulatory system works better.
  4. The digestive system works better.
  5. The drive system works better.

Things to know before Drinking water

  • Avoid drink to 2 liters of water at once. As the body will not be able to excrete excess water from the body in time.
  • some patients You may be advised by your doctor to drink more water or limit your fluid intake ufabet. depending on the disease and the physical condition of each patient.