“5 Exercises Reduce The Upper Arm” To Firmware

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Although exercising the upper arm muscles alone can actually help tone the upper arm. But cannot clearly create specific changes Those who want to reduce the upper arm should exercise in a different form along with specific exercises. Especially cardio that helps burn accumulated fat Along with regular dietary control To make a clear change

Lose your upper arms easily with these 5 exercises

The upper arm consists of many muscles such as the anterior forearm or bicep (bicep) and the back of the upper arm or the tricep for the upper arm reduction exercise that are introduced today. Most of them are Bodyweight Training moves that focus on using body weight. Those without equipment can easily follow the exercise.

1. Push-up

Push-ups or pushups It’s a basic exercise that is easy to do. This move will help develop the muscles of the upper body such as chest, shoulders, upper back, as well as biceps and triceps.

  • Push-ups begin with kneeling on the floor or an exercise mat. Then place your hands on the ground with your fingertips pointing forward and measuring shoulder width. 
  • Then use the hands to support the body and extend the feet to the back. Try to keep your body, back, buttocks and legs in line. Which is preparing to do this push-up, many people may know it as Tha Plank (Prank)
  • Once your body has been set, slowly lower your body by bending your elbows out to the side. Until the chest is about 5 cm from the ground, then push up back to the plank.
  • Repeat the same process 10-15 times.

During pushups The torso should be kept straight and in the same plane, should not be bent back, bent back, or raised hips. You may try to push up with your legs stretched back. Don’t lift your knees To help make pushups easier

2. Tricep Bench Dips

This exercise is an exercise for the upper arm that focuses mainly on the triceps or the back of the arm muscles. By this position may require a chair for exercise. But if someone doesn’t have it, they can use furniture near, for example, a table or bed. Including can be done on the floor as well

  • This position begins with sitting on the front edge of the chair. Set the knee at a right angle The soles of the feet are attached to the ground and pointed forward. Then use the handle on the edge of the chair beside the body. With the back of the hand facing the same way as the toe pointed out
  • When you are seated To slide himself out in front of the chair Using the palms to support the body weight and lower the torso vertically When lowered until the elbow has a right angle To exert himself in the same way
  • Repeat the same process 10-15 times.

While pushing up Should be exerting force on the muscles of the back of the arm, using the feet for support only. The muscle exertion and is not fully developed, may also try to Yan ‘s leg to the front o. Hold the knees to increase the difficulty of the posture.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

This pose is Tricep muscle exercise can be done easily by following these steps.

  • Begin by kneeling right on the ground. With the left knee up Hands clenched loosely around the waist.
  • Then stretch out the right arm. Contract your upper arm muscles and slowly move your arms back. It looks like a swinging arm. Rather, it uses the muscles of the upper arm to move instead of centrifugal force
  • As you extend your arms all the way back to the back, slowly bring them back in the same way.
  • Repeat until 10 to 15 reps and switch to the left arm. By swapping his left leg to kneel instead

During this pose You should keep tightening the arm muscles that you are doing and straighten your arm. If you want to increase the difficulty of your workout, you can hold a water bottle or dumbbell during this exercise.

4.Hammer Curls with Dumbbells

This move mainly helps to develop bicep muscles. This pose requires the use of heavy equipment. Like a dumbbell or a water bottle 

  • It starts with standing Separate both feet as wide as the shoulder blades. Bend your knees slightly or lower yourself down like a sitting position.
  • Hold the dumbbells by your sides in such a way that your palms are facing each other. Then contract the upper arm of the right arm. Lock your elbows and upper arms. Then, use the forearms below to raise the dumbbell until the dumbbell is at shoulder level and return to starting position.
  • Repeat until 10 to 15 times in the same manner. And switch to the left arm Or may do a switch in the same round

What is important in exercising in this position is The body must be upright. Elbows, shoulders and upper arms are locked out of motion. By using only the lower arm only

5. Cardio

Cardio or the cardio exercise that stimulates the heart and circulatory system in the body. Helps to burn off excess energy and fat that accumulates in the upper arms or other parts of the body. The lower the amount of fat stored in the body may help to see the results of the specific exercise more clearly.

Cardio is an exercise that comes in many forms, such as running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, ufabet or even dancing, it is also considered cardio. It is best to spend at least 20-40 minutes of cardio per day for the body to properly use excess energy.