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How to lose weight with "hula hoop"

How to lose weight with “hula hoop”

Does Hula Hooping Really Help You Lose Weight? Who doubts that today we have a  way to lose weight with hula hoop at a table playing hula hoop lose weight to get well, I must say this many. More and more people are exercising by playing hula hoops. The hula hoop is

5 Ways to cure "Vaginal discharge" yourself

5 Ways to cure “Vaginal discharge” yourself

Vaginal discharge, health issues in the hidden area It’s about girls Must pay attention and pay special attention to it. Because even if there is a small malfunction, it may eventually result in a big and widespread problem. Until finally, it will affect our health.  Usually inside our vagina It

Patients with "heart disease" with appropriate and safe exercise methods

Patients with “heart disease” with appropriate and safe exercise methods

People with heart disease may have some restrictions on their exercise, especially cardio that is “cardio” exercise. Failure to exercise caution or exercising too hard can cause the heart to work too hard. And can be harmful to the body But heart patients can still exercise safely. If done correctly And also have a greater positive effect on the body as

5 Nutrients to supplement the immune system from viruses

5 Nutrients to supplement the immune system from viruses

I can’t deny that Today, people live more carefully. Protect yourself by all means In order to escape the COVID- 19  season 3 that happens right now. Many people have turned to take care of themselves by exercising to protect their inner health. And more immunity And there are also many people focus on eating a good diet with benefits,

6 exercises to strengthen the "lungs" strong

6 exercises to strengthen the “lungs” strong

Dr. Suwanchai, M.D. Wattana Yingcharoenchai The director-general of the Department of Health said the situation of the COVID- 19 outbreak was more severe than the previous one, resulting in a greater number of daily deaths. including asthma, lung diseases, chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes disease pressure, hypertension , heart disease, obesity continues to be a priority risk groups. That

Why eat "durian" so much risk "heat"

Why eat “durian” so much risk “heat”

Durian is known as “King of Fruits” is considered a popular fruit that sells forever. (During May – Jun) that provide both nutritional value And high energy. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and many minerals. Such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium, although they are of high nutritional value. Helps

Give away 7 programs to run, burn fat

Give away 7 programs to run, burn fat

Today, let’s share a running program that will help burn fat more efficiently. Which is consider an ideal running program for women There is a serious need to lose weight that has it all. This running program is divide into 7 programs. Let’s see how each program has to do. If you

7 Health benefits of green tea

7 Health benefits of green tea

Fresh green tea made by yourself It’s not only a drink that helps with weight loss , but it also has other benefits. Much more that the body will receive Each day, we should drink a cup of green tea a day. To provide the body with a wide range of benefits Let’s see

The 5 Best "home workout", "No Equipment Nerd Fitness"

The 5 Best “home workout”, “No Equipment Nerd Fitness”

Home workout, for girls who love exercise as their souls Where are you going to travel? Never lack of exercise But sometimes the situation does not facilitate the carrying of sports equipment. And in some places it does not have a fitness to be used. Today we bring you the 5 Best

8 kinds of tea drink, conquer

8 kinds of tea drink, conquer beautiful

Did you know Tea drink Some can help burn calories as well. It is also an interesting aid for women. Who want to reduce fat safely as well Let’s see how each tea drink has properties to help burn calories. 1. Green Tea Tea has properties that help stimulate the